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Family Spices up Father's Day with Big Surprise

The annual day for Dad's brings families together for a variety of traditions and celebrations, and one northwest Missouri father got the surprise of his life when he walked out of church.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) One northwest Missouri father got the surprise of his life when he walked out of church.

"I think I got the surprise of my lifetime. The car that I had been looking at, we decided not to get it, and then here and I get it, I don't get it," said Rich Brouhard, surprised of Father's Day.

It's a Father's Day Rich Brouhard won't forget after his family and friends pulled off a big surprise.

A brand new Chevrolet Camero was waiting for Brouhard when he walked out of church. Brouhard couldn't believe his dream car was now a reality.

"We pulled it off, and it was so awesome to be able to keep this secret. It was great with friends and family trying to help me keep it quiet," said Susan Brouhard, Rich's wife.

A car he had been longing for, but decided it wasn't in the budget at the time.

"We looked at it two weeks ago, and he test drove it and he just fell in love with it. There's always going to be bills to pay, but life is short and precious and he's precious to our family, and so it was the right thing to do," said Susan.

"I think I'm going to give my grandson a ride in it, we'll go down the highway and sing at the top of our lungs," said Rich.

Brouhard's wife, Susan came up with the idea, something the family felt Dad really deserved.

"He's always done a lot for everybody else, and he's done a lot to better himself and I'm very proud of him," said Travis Joiner, son.

"Probably the best thing I have ever been given, other than my family," said Rich.

Brouhard is most excited about listening to his music in his new ride, especially during his commute back and forth to Olathe, Kan., for work.
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