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Fresh Made Pasta, Two Ways

Fresh Made Pasta, Two Ways
5 lbs. fresh pork shoulder 
8 T. kosher salt
15 cloves garlic 
3 c. packed Fresh chopped basil 
1 c. packed fresh chopped parsley 
3 T. Ground pepper 
3/4 c. crushed red pepper 
3/4 red wine vinegar 
25 feet hog casing 
Cut shoulder into cubes and run all ingredients through a grinder, then chill for one day, after chill paddle the mixture in a kitchen aid until well blended.  Make a test piece and cook to test seasoning.  Adjust seasoning if needed.  Then pack mixture into the hog casings crimping them into sausage link portions. Vacuum seal and freeze for later use.
1.5 c. semolina flour
1.5 c. ap flour 
3 T. salt 
5 whole eggs
Blend eggs into flour one at a time until a dough forms.  Work dough for a few minutes & form into a load & refrigerate for 24 hours.  Using a pasta machine roll dough into desired shape and thickness.  Cook in rolling boil salt water until done. Reserve until needed.
Basil pesto: 
4 c. cups packed basil
3/4 c. toasted pine nuts 
8 cloves garlic cloves 
1.5 c. parmesan cheese 
1.5 c. good evo oil or as much as needed to make a paste
Salt and pepper to taste
Combine basil, garlic & pine nuts and pulse with a stick blended until combined.  Add some of the oil and continue to blend. Add parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and more oil as needed to make a paste.  Chill and reserve. 
Case of Roma tomatoes 
5 white onions 
5 c. packed fresh basil
20 cloves garlic chopped 
10 oz. tomato paste
Salt & pepper to taste 
Fire roast all tomatoes & onions, in the mean time sautéed garlic and add tomato paste.  After roasting onions & tomatoes place all in the same pot and bring to a boil, then lower to a simmer.  Cook slowly for 8 hours then add fresh basil.  Blend with a stick blender. 
The execution: 
Cook sausage until done, then let rest and cut into slices.  In same pan add a little reserved pasta water and warm pasta through.  Heat on low the marinara.  To serve place marinara on plate & pesto as well, mount with fresh pasta, and place sausage on top. Enjoy.
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