Grant City Family Loses Everything in House Fire

Grant City Family Loses Everything in House Fire

A house fire on Christmas Eve left a Grant City family with nothing, but their faith. Now, church members and people in the community are helping them get back on their feet.
(GRANT CITY, Mo.) A washer and dryer are the only recognizable things left after a Grant City home burned to pieces on Christmas Eve.

Treasa Staton came home from work to her house engulfed in flames.

She and her family stood there and watched their home, and everything in it, turn to debris. 

"I knew God was going to take care of us. How do you give glory to him if you're not there to do it," said Treasa Staton.

The Statons are members of Grant City Christian Church.

Members of the church, along with people in the community, have come together to provide the Statons with everything they need.

"Thank God for Worth County and the people in the surrounding communities," said Treasa.

While the fire was still burning, the church basement began to fill with clothes, household items and Christmas gifts for their three kids.

Days after that, they had a roof over their heads.

"Everything's being replaced. Hopefully, it'll strengthen their faith to know that God does provide. In your darkest time, He's there making sure you have what you need," said Treasa.

"We're just trying to make it as normal as possible here in Grant City for them," said Dirk Buffington.

Pastor Dirk Buffington, and his congregation, also started collecting donations for the family.

"The family is in dire straits of where to go next. So, we're just trying to supply that or facilitate that," said Buffington.

The thought of losing everything is tough for the Statons.

"I knew my dog was in there. She was my best friend, or one of them. I just wanted her out and some of the sentimental stuff," said Treasa.

But, they're standing firm in faith; the one thing they said will get them over this hump.

"I'll never be able to repay it, but I will pay it forward when it's time I will. I know I will," said Treasa.

Grant City Christian Church is accepting monetary donations, clothes and household items for the family.

You can drop them off at the church at any time.

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