Heartland Hospital Debuts New 'Celebration Wall' in Maternity Department

Heartland Hospital Debuts New 'Celebration Wall' in Maternity Department

A new fundraiser for the New Beginnings department, new parents can personalize a mini mural.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The wall at the New Beginnings department at Heartland Regional Medical Center is showing its colors.

New paintings for newborns adorn the walls.

"It's just a bright and wonderful and cheery thing for when you walk into the department," said team leader Kristine Gibson.

Gibson is describing the Celebration Wall.

It's got about 85 paintings, donated from mural painting students at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum.

With a one-time donation, parents will get a painting personalized with their new baby's name and birth date.

It's a new fundraiser for the department.

"It goes to purchase equipment that's needed," Gibson said.  "Right now we're looking into father chairs, to keep the father as comfortable as the mother while he's there to support the mother as well."

The first name on the wall is for Katelyn Elisabeth Snodgrass, a baby whose birth almost didn't happen.

"She's doing really good," said Katelyn's father Kevin Snodgrass.  "She's getting really big finally.  She's almost 11 pounds."

In august, doctors discovered Katelyn's mother Jonna had had an ectopic pregnancy.

That's when a fetus doesn't implant in a uterus, but instead in another tube, an intestine, or in Jonna Snodgrass's case, in her ovary.

"Most of them don't make it past 12 weeks because they end up rupturing the uterus. That can be a life threatening condition," said Dr. Brooke Seevers, the physician that delivered Katelyn in August.

And at the gathering to unveil the Celebration Wall, Katelyn is the star.

Everyone wants to see her, and say hello, and see her name up on the wall.

"Being a mother of three, when I something like that, it's just incredible," Gibson said.
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