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Heartland Reaches Out to Community for Donations

Officials say most hospitals are involved in fundraising. They say changes in healthcare are reducing reimbursements for Medicare/Medicaid and help is needed to buy new technology.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) One of St. Joseph's largest employers is asking for money.

Heartland Health recently sent out a fundraising letter, asking recipients to contribute to a capital campaign.

The hospital says it needs assistance with three separate initiatives. One is a new high-tech breast mammography unit. A second is for new technology for the Heart Center and a third is for arthritis programming.

Though some people have not appreciated receiving the request from Heartland, officials say most hospitals do some kind of fundraising.

"Last year we made approximately $28 million. We had $129 million in capital requests in equipment, in updates, upgrades, technology," said Barbie Squires, chief development officer for Heartland. "So right off the bat, $101 million of those improvements get cut right out. It's not an option."

Squires says Heartland gave away $47 million in unreimbursed care last year. She adds the Affordable Care Act is also affecting how the hospital is receiving payments.
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