Heartland Reaches Out to Community for Donations

Heartland Reaches Out to Community for Donations

Officials say most hospitals are involved in fundraising. They say changes in healthcare are reducing reimbursements for Medicare/Medicaid and help is needed to buy new technology.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) One of St. Joseph's largest employers is asking for money.

Heartland Health recently sent out a fundraising letter, asking recipients to contribute to a capital campaign.

The hospital says it needs assistance with three separate initiatives. One is a new high-tech breast mammography unit. A second is for new technology for the Heart Center and a third is for arthritis programming.

Though some people have not appreciated receiving the request from Heartland, officials say most hospitals do some kind of fundraising.

"Last year we made approximately $28 million. We had $129 million in capital requests in equipment, in updates, upgrades, technology," said Barbie Squires, chief development officer for Heartland. "So right off the bat, $101 million of those improvements get cut right out. It's not an option."

Squires says Heartland gave away $47 million in unreimbursed care last year. She adds the Affordable Care Act is also affecting how the hospital is receiving payments.
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