High School Teams Take Precautions During Heat Wave

High School Teams Take Precautions During Heat Wave

Temperatures are expected to reach the upper 90s this week.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) High school football teams are in the final days before getting the season started this Friday in Missouri.

But as game day nears, the temperature is going up.

With highs expected in the upper 90's this week, schools are taking off early, and coaches are taking precautions. LeBlond head coach Tony Dudik is allowing his players to have more water breaks, and less time wearing helmets.

He says things are a little different than when he first began coaching 37 years ago.

"Things have changed from back in the old days. You give kids water anytime they want, so we make sure that we're always hydrated," Dudik said. "These kids are in great shape. We busted our tails all summer so we'll handle it. We're prepared for it."

The high temperature for Friday is expected to be 96 degrees.
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