Highway Fatalities Hit All-Time Low

Highway Fatalities Hit All-Time Low

The number of deadly crashes is down to a new low. Even with that positive news, those who work for the highways hope to see that number decrease.
(St. Joseph, Mo.) Seven hundred and forty-one, that's the number of people killed in 2013 traveling on Missouri roads.

That number is down ten percent from 2012.

Although it's improving, officials say it could be lower which is why they're taking extra measures to keep drivers safe.

"One of the things we've done is try to incorporate safety aspects into the new projects we've implemented," said Mike Rinehart.

The MODOT engineer said those improvements include adding shoulder ramps, median guard cables and rumble strips.

But they say adding new improvements is only half of it but the rest is up to drivers.

"We would like to see the operators of drivers drive safely and that means staying alert. Not texting and driving and doing things that make for safe driving for everyone," added Rinehart.

Distracted drivers and those not wearing seat belts were the top two factors of fatality deaths last year.

Sergeant Sheldon Lyon with the Missouri Highway Patrol says driving is a serious task.

"Your chance of being in a crash goes up anytime you divide your attention. Your eyes are looking at the road but where's your mind at," said Lyon.

Texting and driving is only illegal for those drivers under the age of twenty-one but says its dangerous for everyone.

"We just ask that people if they want to drive they drive and if they want to use their phone and send messages and those type of activities that has it's place but certainly not while they're driving," added Lyon.

He says they're not done just yet working to keep you safe and it's their number one priority.

Sot:"  have we gone in the right direction...You bet but we still, until that number is 0 we're still not finished and so our mission continues"

Authorities say of those killed last year...63 percent weren't wearing seat belts.

   Kansas also released its report on fatal traffic crashes from 20-13.
   The department of transportation also saw an all time low with 344 traffic deaths.

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