Highway Patrol Reports Low Drunk Driving Arrests

Highway Patrol Reports Low Drunk Driving Arrests

Troop H troopers say drunk driving campaigns may be paying off.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers say campaigns against drunk driving may have paid off this New Year's Eve.

Troop H reported just one drunk driving arrest last night and noted that traffic on highways in the area remained sparse.

Sgt. Cory Root says he thinks people are making smarter decisions and planning ahead by using designated drivers or staying where they celebrate the new year.

"It's still a high priority for us to be on the highways on New Year's Eve and some of those peak traffic times where we know alcohol related crashes have occured on those days. So our enforcement efforts haven't changed. It seems that people are making more educated decisions," Sgt. Root said.

Root added that the holiday falling in the middle of the week probably helped to keep some people home.
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