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History Exhibit Catches Trails West Visitor's Eye

The Civil War Exhibit, at Trails West, caught the attention of a new Missouri Western professor, visiting from China.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The art exhibits at Trails West! attracts people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

One specific exhibit, caught the attention of a woman who just moved from China.

The Civil War Timeline, located in the middle of Trails West!, displayed the events that led up to St. Joseph's involvement in the Civil War.

This new Missouri Western professor could not take her eyes off of it.

"If this is a festival, I haven't noticed there will be a board, which will illustrate the history. So, that's why it attracted me here. I want to know more about history, about St. Joseph," said Jianhoa Lian.

Lian just moved to the United States two weeks ago, and will teach Chinese for one year.
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