Holiday Travel Picks up at KCI

Holiday Travel Picks up at KCI

Travelers head home for the holidays

  (KANSAS CITY, Mo.) At Kansas City International Airport business was as usual to start the week, despite many heading in and out for the holiday.
Most travelers say they had no problems.

"The lines didn't seem too bad at all. I don't really know what it's like here normally but it doesn't seem bad to me," said David Williams.
"It was actually a lot faster than I thought it would be," added Lindsay Buchholz.

Buchholz, who's visiting from Texas said she was impressed with the lines at KCI and glad to be home to see her family.

"That's what I love about Kansas City Airport, it's so small and convenient. It didn't take long at all for our bags so it's pretty good," said Buchholz.

But for others the wait seemed like forever.

"We've been trying to get out of here since 6:30 this morning," said Earl Long.

Long waited nearly five hours for a stand-by flight for his granddaughter to go home to Arizona.
He said he didn't mind the wait since he had his dog to keep him company.

"We're very patient, we've gone through this before and it's a very bad time to do this but she's my darling granddaughter.Otherwise we go home and try it again  tomorrow," added Long.

New Yorker David Williams flew home to Kansas City to pick up his grandmother for Christmas.

The two will catch a flight tonight back to New York.

He says seeing his grandmother for the Holidays means everything to him.

"It means a lot, she lost her husband in March so this is her first time in 60 years without her husband so it'll be good for her to be there," said Williams.
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