Holiday Travelers Gear Up for Winter Weather

Holiday Travelers Gear Up for Winter Weather

Those traveling this holiday season are ready for whatever weather conditions may come their way. Icy roads are expected, but that isn't stopping people from hitting the roads. However, some drivers are geared up in case of any emergency.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Nearly 30 percent of Americans are expected to take a trip this holiday season.

Greg Verslues is one of them.

He and his family are headed to Nebraska from Central Missouri.

Although some nasty weather is expected over the weekend, they're geared up and ready to roll.

"Just watch the weather channel, watch the local weather news, you know, you guys on television. Or, just try to beat it by either leaving early or waiting a couple days later," said Greg Verslues.

Some parts of Missouri are already feeling the wrath of the winter storm.

"We started late tonight to beat the ice, because where we're at, it's supposed to hit us this evening," said Verslues.

Even though Verslues and his family planned according to the weather, there's a chance they may run into icy conditions.

They have all the right necessities in case that happens.

"A couple blankets, flashlights, and little handwarmers when we go to these gas stations," said Verslues.

Other travelers, like Clay Gillette, are not threatened by the weather.

"Not worried about it. Just drive according to the conditions," said Clay Gillette.

He's also headed to Nebraska.

He says the best way for everyone to be safe on the roads, if to just drive slow.

"Don't drive crazy because there's been a few crazy drivers already," said Gillette.

AAA predicts 94.5 million people will hit the roads this holiday season.

That's up from the 94 million who traveled last year.

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