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Hot Weather Rule Prevents Electric Shut-Offs

Your electric service can not be shut off during extreme heat waves due to Public Service Commission rule.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The extreme heat has our utilities working at full throttle. That could result in some unmanageable electric bills.

However, because temperatures are so high, the Public Service Commission's "Hot Weather Rule" is in effect, meaning your electricity can not be shut off due to non payment.

The rule applies when the National Weather Service records a high temp of at least 95 degrees or a heat index of 105. KCP&L says it's a safety and health issue.

They also have some recommendations for keeping electric bills lower.

"We encourage folks to do their laundry and do their drying of clothes in the early morning or late evening hours" says Dan Hegeman, KCP&L Public Affairs. "Do your cooking in the early morning or late evening hours. These are energy efficiency, cost-saving measures."

KCP&L this summer has given out 125 free fans to homeowners in northwest Missouri and has assisted with the Buchanan County Sheriff's Department's "Heat Squad."

Hegeman urges anyone having problems paying their bills to contact KCP&L as soon as possible to come up with other payment options.

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