Humboldt Students Learn More About Backpack Buddies

Humboldt Students Learn More About Backpack Buddies

Student Council members go to Second Harvest to learn and volunteer.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Students from Humboldt's student council made a visit to Second Harvest Community Food Bank Tuesday to learn about food needs in the community.

While they were there, they pitched in to help with the Backpack Buddies, a program in which many of their friends are enrolled.

School organizers hoped the visit would help students understand the problem of food needs and how big of a problem it is with some of their classmates.

"It helps us see what the local community does for our community, for them, for their friends and neighbors," said Christina Higdon, a teacher at Humboldt and also the student council adviser. "It really puts it in perspective how close it is."

"It makes me kind of sad," said 6th grader Emily Goat, student council president at Humboldt. "I know I get fed and they don't. It makes me upset."

Backpack Buddies is a supplemental food program for elementary students where they are given food in a backpack that they can take home each weekend.

At Humboldt, more than 100 students participate in Backpack Buddies weekly.

Regionally, there are more than 3,200 kids in an 18 county region that are signed up for Backpack Buddies this school year.
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