Hundreds Gather for "Justice For Daisy" Rally

Hundreds Gather for "Justice For Daisy" Rally

A plea for justice in Downtown Maryville earlier Tuesday evening, where hundreds gathered in support of the teen at the center of a sexual assault case.
(MARYVILLE, Mo.) They were chanting, and they were crying.

Many emotions spread through the crowd of Daisy Coleman supporters outside the Nodaway County Courthouse Tuesday evening.

Hundreds gathered in an effort to raise awareness for the teen who said she was sexually assaulted in 2012.

"We're trying to provide support for the victims that are involved in this case, and their families, but also support for all victims. And educate them, and let them know that there is support out there for them," said Courtney Cole.

Daisy shared her side of the story in recent weeks, saying she was a victim of rape, and that politics played a role in how the case was handled.

That accusation fueled outrage across the nation, leading up to this rally.

"It's past time, for us as a state, to say no more," said Cole.

Supporters held daisies and lit candles to represent the alleged victim.

"People just want to speak up and say stop. Everything needs to be fair. We need justice on all ends," said Angela Dunn.

That's what this crowd was aiming to do.

Although it wasn't as large as expected, their message to the public was justice for one, justice for all.

"Everyone deserves the right to a fair trial, no matter what," said David Kowalski.

"I think justice does need to be served. I think this was a deal that went wrong for her and some evidence needs to pop up," said Peggy Shaw.

More importantly, supporters were there for Daisy.

"I hope she makes it, you know. I hope she gets to move on and move forward in life because there's some girls out there that just don't get to," said Chastity Sanders.

Nodaway County prosecutor Robert Rice dropped the charges after he says the Coleman's refused to cooperate.

A special prosecutor is now reviewing the case.
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