Hundreds Participate in "Walk For Life" Day

Hundreds Participate in "Walk For Life" Day

As abortion continues to be a touchy subject across the nation, some St. Joseph residents are fighting for what they believe, by participating in the 'Walk of Life.'
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Hundreds of people walked more than two miles Sunday to celebrate life and try to bring awareness to the community.

They held signs that said "Lord Forgive Us and Our Nation" and "Pray to End Abortion."

St. Joseph's Knights of Columbus group organized the event as part of 'Respect Life Month.'

"We hope other people will see that we are standing up and doing something, what we represent and what we believe," said Daniel Deatherage.

"It's good to understand that this is not a one person cause, or one church in particular. We are all the Church of Christ. So, we all had to be together be combined to pass that message along," said Julia Machado.

Knights of Columbus council members said the best part of today's event was the camaraderie of the Catholic community.
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