Husband and Wife Volunteer at Second Harvest Every Week

Husband and Wife Volunteer at Second Harvest Every Week

Bob and Janet Moore visited Second Harvest Food Bank in St. Joseph back in September and they haven't stopped coming back.
Every Monday you'll find Bob and Janet Moore packing bags with food for Backpack Buddies at Second Harvest.

The retired husband and wife work side by side, as they have been each week since last fall.

"It grows on you to come in here and do this.  It's enjoyable.  The people here are very friendly and cordial toward you every time you come in that door."

The Moores first came to Second Harvest last September on a tour where donors could see what volunteering the food bank is like.

"They really liked it and haven't left since," says Marketing and Special Events Coordinator Stacy Neibling-Fisher. 

Bob says before he started volunteering he had a lot of aches and pains.

"You do quite a bit of walking here back and forth.  And then suddenly all these cramps I was getting, keeping me up at night, disappeared," Moore says.

But that's not the only reason the Moores volunteer.

"It seems like every month or so there are more and more people who need help, because of the economy and all that.  You see how thankful most of these people are.  You see the 'God Bless You' and 'Thank You' and they want to hug you and all that.  And I'm just that I can help people," Moore said.

The Moores say that volunteering at the food bank is like being part of a family, and those with the staff say that Bob and Janet have been a great addition to that family.

"They're quiet and humble, but absolutely the most generous people you can imagine.  [They're] very kind.  They're the kind of people that when you meet you instantly admire and like," Neibling-Fisher said.

Bob says he gets the same satisfaction volunteering that he got day to day when he was still working a full time job.

Backpack Buddies is a program where hungry children are given wholesome food to eat for the weekends, when they are not receiving meals at school.
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