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Interserv Volunteers Help Seniors During Cold Weather

The winter weather may have kept many indoor but the frigid temperatures didn't stop volunteers from checking in on the elderly.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) When it gets this cold, most people prefer to stay inside.

Others braved the elements to help those in need.

"We'll, I could have stayed at home I guess but I have the ability to get out in the cold. I have warm clothes and I have a warm car and people need food whether or not it's cold," says Holly Rudolf who volunteers for Interserv.

Rudolf didn't let the cold weather stop her from volunteering.

Each day she - along with others - take hot meals to the elderly in the community.

"One of the women that I delivered to today was surprised that we were out delivering today because she thought that we wouldn't be," added Rudolf.

Interserv provides hot meals for nearly four hundred senior citizens daily in the community.

Seniors we spoke with say they're not only grateful for the meals but it's a way to meet new people.

Louise Anderson stopped by the Calvin Center for lunch.

"Cooking for one person is not that great I get a variety of food by coming here," said Anderson.

Anderson started coming to the Calvin Center more than ten years ago after her husband passed.

"We have people that care about us and we've just come to depend on it, well it's a habit and you get the habit of coming to eat," says Anderson.

A habit workers hope will continue.

"A lot of them don't have friends or family that check on them so sometimes we're the only people they see so even though it is cold we have great volunteers that are still out there delivering for us," added Calvin Center employee Angie Gardner.

The Calvin Center is always looking for volunteers to help deliver meals to seniors in St. Joseph. If you're interested you can contact Gardner with Mobile Meals at 816-232-7779.

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