Jet Leaves Missouri after Landing at Wrong Airport

Jet Leaves Missouri after Landing at Wrong Airport

A Southwest Airlines jet that mistakenly landed at the wrong airport.
(BRANSON, Mo.) A Southwest Airlines plane that landed at the wrong airport is out of Missouri.

The plane took off from the small airport in Taney County without a hitch Monday afternoon. The jet was supposed to land in Branson Sunday night, but instead landed 8 miles away at the Taney County Airport which has a much smaller runway.

Passengers say the pilot slammed on the breaks just 500 feet short of a steep cliff.

"We were very lucky indeed, especially considering there was a cliff at the end," said Shannon Spear, passenger.

"The pilot came on and said, 'I'm sorry folks. We've landed at the wrong airport," added passenger Scott Schieffer.

None of the passengers were seriously hurt.

Southwest says the two veteran pilots who landed the plane have been removed from flying duty as an investigation is launched.
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