'KinderClub' Gives Kids Jumpstart to Kindergarten

'KinderClub' Gives Kids Jumpstart to Kindergarten

The transition from preschool to kindergarten isn't always an easy one for kids, or parents. The United Way of Greater St. Joseph has a club that is designed to make that switch a little easier for both parties.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The good days of kindergarten; where we sat in circles and listened to our teachers read books, learned material by singing and dancing, and showed our creativity with play-doh.

Sure, kindergarten may be fun, but the transition to that point isn't always smooth.

"Parents can get a feel for what kindergarten expectations looks like because they've changed a lot since we were in kindergarten," said Tammy Flowers.

United Way Kinderclub helps parents and kids prep for kindergarten.

It gives kids a chance to adjust to their future teachers, classrooms, and peers.

"It's really important for as many kids that can do it to do it. Because, it gets them familiar with the teachers and some of the students. And, where to go when they come for their first day," said Billie Logston.

Logston has been a member of the club for more than a year.

Her first son, who is now in kindergarten at Parkway Elementary, was part of the club. Now, so is her youngest, Kamden.

"He gets familiar with the teachers and also some of the students that will be here," said Logston.

The club meets once a month, from October to March.

During the meetings, kids strengthen their motor and listening skills by participating in different activities.

Parents also learn new ways to converse with their kids.

"So, we're teaching parents the difference between talking with your child, and talking at your child, and which one carries deeper meaning," said Flowers.

Starting kindergarten may be a scary time for some, but leaders of Kinderclub say the club is the perfect for kids to get a jumpstart to kindergarten.

"With their help, with their support, their child will be very successful in kindergarten," said Shelley Nordquist.

Majority of the schools in St. Joseph have Kinderclub.

If you are interested in becoming a member at your child's local school, contact the United Way of Greater St. Joseph at 816-364-2381.
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