Local Health Care Experts See Improvements with Healthcare.gov

Local Health Care Experts See Improvements with Healthcare.gov

The Obama administration set a deadline of December 1 to have the troubled website working for the vast majority of users.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The HealthCare.gov website is on its way to 100 percent, according to President Obama's administration.

Since its launch two months ago, the website has been plagued by error messages, system crashes and time outs.

But, now that the some of the glitches are fixed, local health care experts, like Tyler Graff, said they've seen significant progress.

"It's navigating much quicker than it was. The wait times are a lot faster. We're also not getting kicked out numerous times. We're able to take patients all the way from step A to step Z," said Graff.

Graff is a certified Applications Counselor with Northwest Health Services.

The company helps people navigate through the website, which is something Graff said they haven't been able to do the past few months.

Since the re-launch of HealthCare.gov, he and his staff are now able to help patients sign up for Obamacare, with little to no issues.

"It's not perfect. We're getting about 85 percent people through. So, there's still going to be that small number that get through and still have some issues with it," said Graff.

About 400 software bugs and hardware problems have been fixed.

The White House says the site is now accessible 90 percent of the time; up from just over 40 percent in October.

"We were able to make the necessary improvements to the website so that the vast majority of Americans who use the website have an experience in which the site functions effectively," said Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary.

Graff said he's glad the White House made those improvements.

"They kept giving out deadlines of October 1, November 1. It looks like this one actually succeeded," said Graff.

According to the White House, some 375,000 people visited the HealthCare.gov site by noon on Monday.

The administration is advising users to visit the site during off-peak times to avoid delays.

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