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Local Law Enforcement Shops with Kids

Northwest Missouri's Fraternal Order of Police followed a special group of leaders. Kids led way through Wal-mart for the annual Cops and Kids Shopping Night.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A little game of follow-the-leader never hurt anyone.

Especially when it's a kid leading the way for a cop.

For more than two decades, law enforcement officials from northwest Missouri have participated in the annual Cops and Kids Shopping Night.

A night where kids like Maryon Brooks rule the town, or store.

"Shoes, and some clothes, and some toys," said Maryon Brooks.

The 7-year-old was on a mission for one specific toy; a dog.

She dragged Deputy Dan Hill around Walmart until she found it.

"You get a kid that knows exactly what they want, and they go get it, and knowing that they might not have gotten it otherwise is kind of cool," said Deputy Hill.

Brooks was one of nearly 30 kids who swept the store with their $100.

Northwest Missouri's Fraternal Order of Police talked to school counselors, who picked the kids they felt deserved a special Christmas.

"We rely on them [school counselors] to help us out and pick the right children," said Mike Hardin.

Lodge 3 President, Mike Hardin, said he looks forward to this night every year.

"There's no better way for a police officer to be involved with the community than to get to know kids and interact with kids, and do something special for children," said Hardin.

For kids like Brooks, this is a very special moment.

She got an early Christmas and didn't have to spend a dime.

"These kids really enjoy it, and we do, too," said Hardin."

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