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Man Shoots Attacking Pit Bull on St. Joseph Parkway System

A passing driver sees a woman bit by a pit bull and pulls over to assist. When he is approached by one of the pit bulls, he pulls out a gun and shoots the dog.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) It was a frightening scene Sunday on the St. Joseph Parkway for a woman jogger being approached by two threatening pit bulls.

It happened just west of the St. Joseph REC Center where one of the pit bulls bit a woman trying to assist the jogger.

A passing motorist also stopped by to help out. Then he was approached by one of the pit bulls.

"As he got out of his vehicle, one of the pit bulls, one that had bit the female, charged at him," said Sgt. Chris McBane of the St. Joseph Police Department

"He had a valid CCW permit, had a firearm on him, at which point he shot the dog to defend himself," McBane said.

McBane said in that situation, people do have the right to defend themselves.

The woman who was bit was not seriously injured.

Police have identified the owners of the pit bulls and the case is at the prosecutor's office.
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