Man Takes Job Searching to a New Level

Man Takes Job Searching to a New Level

A man is creating a new definition for job hunting. After being out of a job for a few months, and looking into hundreds of positions, he's now taking a different approach.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Joshua Willey took extreme measures to find a job.

He stood on the corner of North Belt Highway and Cook Road dressed to the nines, and holding a sign.

He and his wife moved to Wathena, Kansas in September, and he's been out of a job since.

He's looked at hundreds of positions and applied to many, but hasn't had any luck.

So, he took job searching to the next level.

"Figure, a lot of people beg for money so I'll beg for a job," said Joshua Willey.

Willey moved from Texas to be closer to his wife's family.

When he was there, he worked for the government.

Now, he said he's willing to take whatever opportunity comes his way.

"I've had a background in construction and truck-driving. I also like, maybe, health care or something. I don't really have a background in it, but I really like helping people. So, that would be good for me, too," said Willey.

The Missouri Career Center could be the door of opportunities for Willey.

After spending an hour in below freezing temperatures, he met with David Scholz and searched for jobs in the area.

"Every level you can imagine. From professional to other areas. I mean, if it's in the community, it has a chance of showing up there," said David Scholz.

Willey found the center helpful.

All their services are free, and that's something he plans to take advantage of.

In the meantime, Willey said he'll spend a few more days on Belt Highway, patiently waiting for that call or text.

"I'll get through it. Hopefully, real soon, I'll start getting a paycheck coming in," said Willey.

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