Maryville Officials React to Call for Special Prosecutor

Maryville Officials React to Call for Special Prosecutor

City manager says city threatened by emails, phone calls and cyber attacks.
(MARYVILLE, Mo.) It's been a tough week for the city of Maryville.

Public reaction to the Daisy Coleman sexual abuse case, originally detailed in a story in the Kansas City Star, has been widespread. In the minds of Maryville city officials, it's also been threatening.

Following the announcement that there will be a request for a special prosecutor in the case, Maryville's city manager held a news conference.

Appearing with Maryville's Mayor and Public Safety Chief, Greg McDanel said the city supported the move for the special prosecutor request.

"Everyday that goes by without further judicial action or explanation is detrimental to the lives and livelihood of the citizens of Maryville," McDanel said.

McDanel says City Hall has received threats of cyber-attacks against them along with threatening emails and phone calls after the story gained national and international attention and a public cry for justice.

He says public safety patrols have been increased and that the case has cast a shadow over the entire community.
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