Maryville Residents Keep Calm in Midst of Storm

Maryville Residents Keep Calm in Midst of Storm

Residents are going their best to keep calm in the midst, of what some are calling, this storm.
(MARYVILLE, Mo.) Maryville residents have been caught in the middle of a storm for the past few months.

The town has been in the local and national spotlight after a sexual assault case from 2012 resurfaced in October.

Residents have dealt with negative attention because of that case.

"People talk. And, it's something that's big around town here," said Joseph Alonso.

Alonso works at a store in Maryville where a lot of action has taken place.

In October, hundreds gathered for a "Justice for Daisy" rally near the store.

Although that caused a lot of noise for Maryville, Alonso said since then, the town has been pretty quiet.

"I think there might have been two or three days of people talking, then it just kind of shut down like nothing ever happened," said Alonso.

But on Thursday, Maryville was back in the headlines.

Matthew Barnett, the man accused in the sexual assault case, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor child endangerment charge.

"There's going to be people out there who are probably going to disagree with it, and want something maybe more out of it," said Alonso.

"I know they have their own issues with it. It's really tough for them to see everybody go through it. No matter what side they're on, it's tough," said Krysta Beattie.

That news brought a smile to some residents' faces.

Not because Barnett was charged, but because the case has some closure.

Residents hope the town can now be at peace.

"Hopefully this will be the end of it. And, just be done and over with," said Alonso.

"It needs to be over with. It's finally taken care of," said Beattie.

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