Maryville Teen Charged with Sexual Assault

Maryville Teen Charged with Sexual Assault

<div>The Nodaway County Sheriff's Department says the alleged assault - involving&nbsp;two&nbsp;girls, ages 13 and 14 -&nbsp;took place in the early morning hours of Sunday, Jan. 8.</div>
MARYVILLE, Mo. - Two teenagers are accused of sexually assaulting two girls at a home in Maryville.
The Nodaway County Sheriff's Department is investigating the alleged assault said to have taken place during the early morning hours this past Sunday.

"Early Sunday morning, the Sheriff's Office received a call about a possible sexual that had occurred," says Darren White, Nodaway County Sheriff.

The Sheriff's Department says between Saturday night and early Sunday morning, a group of teens had gathered at a house.

Over that time, 17-year-old Matthew Barnett and another 15-year-old suspect allegedly sexually assaulted two girls, ages 13 and 14.

"All that we really know is that there were some young people that ended up at a home in Maryville. There was alcohol involved in this story, and that at some point during this, there were some sexual assaults that had occurred," White says.

Barnett is also charged with child endangerment.

Sometime after the alleged sexual assault, the Sheriff's Department says he also left the victim intoxicated in her front yard.

The victim remained in the yard for around two hours in 30 degree weather.

"The initial call that we received was from some parents that I believe they found their child in the yard in the early morning hours, still dark," says White.

Court documents note the victim says she was intoxicated and did not remember having intercourse.

Barnett says in the documents that it was consensual.

The Sheriff's Department says that doesn't matter.

"The statutory definition of consent, it pretty clearly states that an intoxicated person, no matter what age, is not capable of giving consent, and then when you throw in there the fact that you're dealing with young juvenile females, it adds a whole other level to it," White says.

The Sheriff says deputies collected evidence from the home where the alleged assaults took place and sent findings to a lab for review.

Evidence includes a cell phone that may have been used to record an assault.

"Accusations and allegations fly and it complicates our investigation because we have a duty to sort through all of these things going around and try to determine what's fact and what's not," White says.

The Nodaway County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the incident.
Barnett posted bond on Monday and has been released.
He faces arraignment on the 24th.
Juvenile courts are dealing with the 15 year old.
The school district is taking action as well.
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