Missouri Theater to See Renovations

Missouri Theater to See Renovations

$700,000 from the Community Improvement Plan will be used for multiple repairs and renovations to theater.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The St. Joseph City Council voted Monday to invest in what some call a city jewel.

It was a unanimous vote to approve $700,000 to go toward repair and renovation of the Missouri Theater.

On the list for improvements will be a new fly system, which includes stage draping and lighting.

Also included will be rewiring all the electrical in the theater to provide more lighting.

St. Joseph Mayor Bill Falkner says people from outside the community are always raving about the Missouri Theater.

"We just have to keep improving it and not let it get down to where we have major problems," he said. "Putting in the fly system will open up new venues for different shows to come in. That's what we want."

The vote was appreciated by those close to the theater.

"The reason we're doing it is because many of the buttons were broken and no longer function and it also became a safety issue," said Teresa Fankhauser, Executive Director of the Allied Arts Council. "That was made with cast iron, and if cast iron cracks it shatters. So there's a safety issue involved, and it's time to get a new up to date version."

The funding for the renovation comes from the 2008 Community Improvement Plan.
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