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Missouri Western Offers New Science Graduate Degree

Missouri Western State University has a new graduate degree offering as school starts up for the spring semester.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Missouri Western State University is offering a new graduate degree starting this semester.

The new Industrial Life Science program will give students advanced training for careers in a growing industry.

Northwest Missouri is a hub for animal health businesses, an industry that uses students with an Industrial Life Science degree.

More than 20,000 people work in the animal health industry in Kansas and Missouri. In the next few years, many of the companies in the area are expected to expand. Missouri Western saw the need.

"It's very unique in the region," Program Coordinator Dr. Jason Baker said. "There are only a few other programs in the region like this."

Baker hopes the program will bring people to the University from around the country.

The degree can be beneficial for careers in Laboratory Management and Regulatory Affairs. Baker said a big aspect of the degree will be focusing on the business aspect of the industry.

"Science is more broadly applicable over an industrial setting," he said.

The University is targeting both recent graduates and those that have experience working in the life science industry. Only three students have signed up for the program. All three have science day jobs.
The program caters to these workers and most classes are offered after 4 p.m.

Baker said he hopes they will have about 12 students that enter the program each semester. They have not decided on a limit yet.

The degree is a five-semester program. Prospective students must have an undergraduate degree in biology, chemistry or another science.
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