MODOT Director Updates County Leaders on State Transportation Concerns

MODOT Director Updates County Leaders on State Transportation Concerns

Dave Nichols says a lack of funding is paramount in MODOT's ability to finish all the projects they think the state needs.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Transportation became the big topic at a breakfast sponsored by the St. Joseph Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Dave Nichols, Director of the Missouri Department of Transportation, fills local business and government leaders in on current events at MODOT.

Nichols explains their struggles with funding, and balancing a budget that is far less than the state's needs.

He says MODOT estimates the need for 70 billion dollars worth of transportation work in the next twenty years, but the department will likely have less than a quarter of that in funding.

Nichols explains MODOT's plans to sell voters on a one cent state sales tax, specifically for state transportation projects.

"The new money isn't going to solve 70 billion dollars in needs either.  The fact is if we don't get the new money, we're literally in Band-Aid, preservation mode.  The condition of our highway system will continue to deteriorate," the MODOT Director said.

Nichols says MODOT uses an extensive priority system to determine which projects the department will take on.
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