More Balanced Attack

More Balanced Attack

Lafayette football lost one of the best athletes in St. Joseph last year when Tim Nelson graduated, but the Fighting Irish are coming back looking to build off last season's success.
Lafayette football's been on a steady incline the past few years with 2010 being the pinnacle. 

Quarterback Tim Nelson led the Irish to their 7-3 finish last season.

"Tim's a once in a generation type of athlete," Lafayette head coach, Paul Woolard said.

"He was real good," D'Treal Stone said. "All-State type of athlete."

Nelson won't be suiting up for Lafayette this season. That doesn't mean you should count them out. The 2011 version of the Irish will be physical with an experienced offensive line.

"We're explosive and we come to hit," Derrick Babineaux said.

"We have a whole returning line. We have a great coaching staff coming back," Mick Edmondson said. "I think we have a chance to do what we did last year, but improve."

Stone's the quarterback playing behind that line offering more versatility to the Irish offense.

"What D'Treal can do is he brings a balance with the other running backs," Woolard said. "Using them altogether, we feel like we can use them to get the production out of the running game we got last year, and I think D'Treal came along nicely passing the football in the jamboree and we look to keep building on it week to week."

Stone's not just an offensive threat. As a free safety he led the Irish in tackles.

"He's one of the best athletes in the MEC."

That's what Lafayette needs out of Stone. Woolard expects the conference to come back even stronger in 2011.

"I think every team in the MEC is better this year. I'm not 100 percent sure if we are. We could be, but you just never know how it's going to go."
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