Mustangs Creating Big Business in St. Joseph

Mustangs Creating Big Business in St. Joseph

The St. Joe Mustangs are in the middle of their fifth season at Phil Welch Stadium. As two-time defending league champions, crowds are growing by the hundreds and the experience at the ball field is like something like never before.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The St. Joe Mustangs are drawing huge crowds to Phil Welch Stadium this season. Ticket sales are up by 400 a game this year.

"We put a lot of effort into actually getting people to buy tickets in advance. It's called group sales, and it's the lifeblood of every sports franchise" said Rick Muntean, St. Joseph Mustangs General Manager.

The Mustangs attract a larger crowd than all the other teams in the MINK league combined.
"Our focus is on doing business the right way, attracting people to come to games and winning. And guess what, it's worked," said Muntean.

Just ask some of the fans like, Richard Ottman, a season ticket holder that hasn't missed a game in three years.

"The people are great and they have their little in between inning activities, it's fun to watch," said season ticket holder, Richard Ottman.

"I love baseball and I love these kids. I would rather see them play than any pro team play," said Jeannie Tudor, season ticket holder.

Jeannie Tudor has been attending baseball games at Phil Welch since the early 90s, but the atmosphere at the stadium is drawing more people than she's ever seen before.

"No comparison, I mean we were lucky if we had 300 people at a game back then," said Tudor.

"We try to do things for the long term. We try to do things the right way. We try not to think about how we can get the most money as possible. We try to do it so fans have fun," said Muntean.

But it's not just baseball, it's a full on family-friendly experience at the ball field.

"This year we've done Star Wars night, we gave away money at the gate, every night we try to do something that you wouldn't expect to see at a baseball game, that's what we try to do every night. We want people to leave here and be our advertising, and say they went to the Mustangs game and it was a blast, that's our goal," said Muntean.

"Every night there's something different, if you wanna have a good time, come to Phil Welch stadium and you'll have it," said Tudor.

The next home game is against the Military All Stars on July 3 at 7pm, veterans and active military members are free.

After the game there's a Special Patriotic Fireworks Spectacular show.
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