Neighbors, Friends of Accused Grandmother React to Child Endangerment Charge

Neighbors, Friends of Accused Grandmother React to Child Endangerment Charge

Police report says she restrained her grandson with duct tape and beat him.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.)  It's a sad story coming from a southside St. Joseph home.

"I saw the tape marks on his wrist. He said he'd been tied up in the back bedroom for two days and two nights," said Jay McGlothlin.

McGlothlin lives next door with the ex-boyfriend of the woman accused of the abuse. He says the 11-year-old victim refers to him as "Uncle Jay."

"This kind of thing doesn't happen next door. It's just unbelievable," he said.

But, according to McGlothlin, it did happen next door. Police say over a three day period in August, 48-year-old Vickie Weyer used duct tape to restrain her grandson, taping up his wrists, waist and legs. The police report also says Weyer made the boy sleep in a shed next to the main residence.

"The layers of tape were like three or four different times where he'd ripped it off," McGlothlin recalls. "One set of tape had dug into a point where it's unbelievable."

Police say Weyer also used the wooden end of a plunger to beat the boy.

McGlothin recalls a conversation he had with the boy after being asked about some bruises and gashes in his head.

"Grandma said those were my consequences. My consequences? What in the world would an 11-year-old boy have to do to have consequences like that," said McGlothlin.

But Weyer's friends say it's all a misunderstanding.

"He told me personally and quite a few people the night before this all happened that he had put duct tape on his arms pretending to be John Cena bracelets, the wrestler," said Denna Jean Watts.

Watts said she's known Weyer for many years, even babysitting Weyer when she was young.

Watts said she also knows the family well.

"I mean I'd trust her, if I had a child, with my kids," Watts said.

Watts says she sees no problems with having the boy sleep in the shed. In fact, she says both Weyer and the boy slept in the shed because it was air conditioned. She says Weyer wanted to cut down on utility bills when temperatures were extremely high.

Watts also says the grandmother sometimes had troubles with the boy.

"He would stand up and call her very foul names and throw stuff at her," she said.

But, next door, McGlothin saw how scared the boy was.

"He said, 'please don't call the police. I don't want grandma to get in trouble. I don't want grandma to go to jail.'"

Bond for Weyer is set for $50,000. She'll appear in court for arraignment on Friday on the felony charge of first degree endangering the welfare of a child.
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