"Neighbors in Need" Raises $11,000 for Joplin Victims

"Neighbors in Need" Raises $11,000 for Joplin Victims

The Red Cross teamed up with KQ2 today, to help raise funds for the people of Joplin.<br>In just two hours, more than $11,000 was raised to help the people get back on their feet.

As the picture of mass devastation in Joplin becomes clearer, volunteers in the Midland Empire are doing what they can to raise money for our neighbors to the south.

"We have everything ready to go in times of disaster and the best way for people to help is to make a financial contribution," Kevin Kirby of the Red Cross said.

About a dozen Red Cross volunteers manned the parking lot of the East Hills Library accepting monetary donations.

Driver after driver rolled through. The donations varied from a little pocket change to as much as $100. All totaling more than $11,000 for the people of Joplin.

Red Cross volunteer Abby Dillon said, "We've been seeing some pretty substantial amounts. People really want to give and have a heart for what's going on down there, so they're giving some big amounts.

Along with monetary donations, AmeriSteam employees were taking donations of food, clothing and other necessities. The plan is to fill a tractor trailer, so it can be sent to Joplin overnight.

Even after giving a monetary donation, some people are looking to give more.

Wanda Weston, moments after giving a donation said, "I think tomorrow I'm going to go down to the Red Cross and just see if I can volunteer in some way. If there's something they want me to do, because I'm available.

If you could not get out Monday night, KQ2 will be taking pledges tomorrow from 5-7.
A phone bank is set up for you to call in your donations for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund at that time.

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