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New Addition Attracts Tourists to Parkway

Another addition to St. Joseph's famous Parkway system is now complete. The nearly 100-year-old investment brings out runners, joggers, walkers and bikers from as close as right here in St. Joseph, to as far as Upstate New York.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A New York couple peddled along St. Joseph's Parkway for hours.

Denise and Dave Paddock were leaving Wyoming, and on their way back to New York.

They heard about the Parkway, and decided to stop for a quick bike ride.

"That's why we came here," said Dave Paddock.

The popular urban trail runs from Hyde Park to Krug Park.

The city recently completed a new portion of the Parkway, that the Paddocks said makes the trail that much more enjoyable.

"The whole park is gorgeous. The Parkway is incredibly smooth and fun," said Denise Paddock.

"It's very nice. It's very well-done, it's smooth, nice, it's a good addition," said Dave Paddock.

The mile-long addition starts near Corby Pond and extends to Ashland Avenue.

"We came in and removed all the trees and balanced the land, and we came and put down all the paving," said Denny Gonyea.

Gonyea is the President of DSM Contracting.

His company completed a little more than 3,000 feet of pavement on the new addition.

They also added an 8-foot tunnel for bikers.

"Everybody can come down the woods on their bikes and go through the tube. It looks a little scary to me, but I guess they whip down there pretty good, and they make their turns," said Gonyea.

The project was broken into two phases.

It took the city three years to complete both parts, but they say the finished product was well worth the wait.

"It's great to see the community out utilizing what we built," said Jody Carlson.

"The citizens of St. Joe are going to benefit tremendously," said Gonyea.

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