New Conceal Carry Law Takes Effect Today

New Conceal Carry Law Takes Effect Today

The new law takes management of Conceal Carry away from Dept. of Revenue and puts in control of county sheriff's departments.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A new Conceal Carry law took effect Wednesday, taking the Department of Revenue out of the process.

Some were concerned about what the department was doing with the information of those who applied for the gun permits.

Starting Wednesday, county sheriff's offices in Missouri will entirely manage the program. Previously, those who signed up for a permit would get a Conceal Carry designation on their driver's license. In the future, those with the permits will get a separate Conceal Carry permit card issued from the sheriff's department.

"For the person that already has a permit, their permit will run just like it has," said Cpt. Ted Markt with the Buchanan County Sheriff's Department. "They don't have to come in and get a new card. They'll have their driver's license or their non driver's license that has the CCW endorsement."

Because of a needed changeover in the computer systems that will be running the program, there will not be any new permit applications or renewal requests accepted until September 9.

Another change with the new law: New Conceal Carry permits will now be good for five years. Previously they had been valid for only three years.
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