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New Project Will Minimize Release of Toxins in Missouri River

The Water Protection Facility will begin a new project to lower the release of ammonia in the Missouri River.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A new project is underway to minimize the release of toxins in the Missouri River.

The Water Protection Facility, in St. Joseph, will renovate six basins to reduce the flow of ammonia.

Ammonia is a pollutant, and is not only effecting the river, but also the aquatic life.

The Ammonia Project took three years to plan, and will cost more than $30 million.

"Ammonia is a pollutant, and it is contaminating the river. And, we have several large contributers, industrially that supplies for the ammonia. So, we're going to have to reduce the ammonia that we are discharging by treating it," said Don Gilpin."

The project will take three to four years to complete.

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