New School Names Will Follow Past Trends

New School Names Will Follow Past Trends

The two new elementary schools that the St. Joseph School District are building will be named next month. The names will be truly unique.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) As construction workers build two new schools in the St. Joseph School District, those at the district level are narrowing down suggestions for the school's names.

"We're really looking for names that represent our community," Director of Elementary Education Brian Shindorf said.

The district asked for suggestions from the community back in December. They received more than 400 responses and 170 unique names.

The committee will take those names and narrow them down to five. The school board will then vote on it in February.

The school board has specific guidelines for the name. The name must be a president, statesman, hero of national, regional or local fame, educator, community leader or geographic region or location.

To get an idea of what they could be, just take a look at school names that the district has used.

Mark Twain Elementary is self-explanatory; named after the famous author.

Robidoux Middle School is named for Joseph Robidoux, the founder of St. Joseph.

Hall Elementary is named for Willard P. Hall who donated the land where the school stands.

"I think the greater connection a student can make with the name, the more that they can identify with," Hall Principal Heather Gladhart said.

Eugene Field Elementary is named for a famous St. Joseph writer and poet.

"Our students know a poem that he wrote, Lover's Lane, actually was a place in St. Joseph," Gene Field Principal Joni Owens said.

The district hopes to have a name chosen by the end of February.
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