New Underground Fun Center Opens in Atchison

New Underground Fun Center Opens in Atchison

It's hoped visitors will come from across the region to have fun in unique, underground environment
(ATCHISON, Kan.) It sounds like your normal family fun entertainment center.

"We have laser tag, we have archery tag, an arena, blacklight mini-golf, a game room, rock climbing," says owner Coby Cullins.

What makes this place different is this center is underground. It's called Extreme Underground and it's located 150 ft. below Atchison, Kansas.

"There was a cave for sale, so I looked it up on the internet and found it intriguing," said Cullens, originally from Springfield, Missouri, who bought the space unseen.

The facility is part of the Vivios Survival Shelter Network. A plan is in place to build an underground network of living and entertainment units.

"It's always climate controled and literally cooler," Cullins said. "But it's also an intriguing place to have an activity or for storage, either one."

Cullens thinks it's a great business opportunity.

"With the extreme underground in particular, we hope to bring tourists and families and groups in from all across the area, from Kansas City, from St. Joe and Topeka," Cullens said.

The Atchison Chamber of Commerce is on board with that.

"Anytime a new business opens, it's a positive," said Jackie Pregont, President of the Atchison Chamber of Commerce.

"But, something of this impact, just because it's totally different from anything we've had before. It also has the potential to bring groups of people, especially groups from out of town," she said.

If you're not into the fun and games of Extreme Underground, you can instead go on some educational tours of the caves.

"We're going to talk about the geological history of the area and mining," Cullens said. "We're going to talk about the railroad history of Atchison and how the mine plays into that railroad history. We're going to talk about the military history of the facility."

Cullens bought the cave for about $500,000 Plans are to continue the growth underground.

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