NWMSU Fans Cheer on Team for National Championship

NWMSU Fans Cheer on Team for National Championship

A big win for the Bearcats on Saturday in Alabama. Here at home, fan celebrated as the team claimed another title. Including a Maryville couple who returned to place with a special meaning to take in the game together.
(MARYVILLE, Mo.) Sam Mason and his wife Andrea cheered as they watched the Bearcats tackle another national title.

"It's been a lot of fun to watch the Bearcats all season long, and end up in this National Championship again for our first year, here at the university," said Sam Mason.

They moved to Maryville a year ago.

They're professors at the Northwest Missouri State University, graduated from the school, and have always been die-hard fans.

It's safe to say, there's Bearcat blood in their veins.

Watching the game, at The Palms, brought back memories for the couple.

It's the place where they first met.

"We met 24 years ago. 25 years ago. Was it 25? Yeah," the Masons said.

This moment was something they always expected.

They knew Northwest would make it to the championship, and they were confident the team would bring home the title.

"It's just been an amazing adventure to watch the coach staff support their team players, and watch the Bearcats just go for what they needed to go for," said Andrea Mason.

After Maryville was in the national spotlight, for what the couple said, was bad attention, they're glad the city can shine for something positive.

"I think this is great to be able to bring home a National Championship for Maryville this year. It's just another feather on our cap, and it makes the school that much better," said Sam Mason.

"It's empowering for Maryville residents and for teachers, and staff, and students of Northwest to come together to watch this," said Andrea Mason.

As they cheered with other Bearcats, they're proud to rep their alma mater.

"Once a Bearcat always a Bearcat," said Andrea Mason.

"Go Bearcats," said Sam Mason.
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