NWMSU Produces Mock Campus Shooting Video

NWMSU Produces Mock Campus Shooting Video

Northwest Missouri State University produced a video to show students and faculty what to do in case a shooter is on campus.
(MARYVILLE, Mo.) University Police at Northwest Missouri State have produced a video to show students and faculty what to do in case a shooter intrudes campus.

"It really helped us, at the university, deliver a consistent focused message to our students," said Lt. Mike Ceperley.

The message is to show how to react in case an active shooter is on campus.

The video was shot at the Valk Center, a building on campus, with Northwest students, faculty and staff.

Police wanted students to get a feeling of what a campus shooting would be like.


"This is my building, this is my instructor, this affects me. I need to pay attention to this, and I need to take those preventative measures and take them to heart," said Lt. Ceperley.

Those measures are to run, hide, then fight back.

"If you can, if you can get out safely, and that's the key thing, safely, get out. Get away. The second part is the hide part. If you can't, if you can't get out safely, hide. Lock you door, barricade it, turn off the lights, silence your cell phones. Turn off any external noise and try to make it so it doesn't appear someone is there," said Lt. Ceperley.

If those do not work, fight back.

Northwest professors, who participated in the video, said it is about the university protecting themselves and hoping for the best.

"I'd rather us be prepared and nothing ever happen, than to us not have a plan in place," said Dawn Gilley.

"Being familiar with something like that is going to give our students an advantage, God-forbid something like that happen," said Matt Johnson.

University police want students to remember that no safety measure is guaranteed to work, but in case of an emergency, run first, then hide, and if all else fails, fight back.

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