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Outdoor Experts Make Sure Hunters Follow Rules For Hunting Season

The Missouri Department of Conservation spent the first day of hunting season monitoring hunters, making sure they followed the rules.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Hunting season began on Saturday, and the Missouri Department of Conservation was out making sure hunters were following the rules.

The department said reports were a little below average this year because hunters probably weren't catching many deer.

They said the strong winds and warmer temperatures kept the deer away.

The calls they did receive were from hunters reporting their own violations.

Some were concerned about their permits being eligible, and others reported accidentally shooting illegal deer.

"You have to harvest an antler deer that has four points on one side. And, they've either shot a deer that didn't have enough points, or a couple of them were, they thought they were antler-less deer, shooting through some of the brush," said Roger Wolken.

As hunting season continues, the department wants hunters to make sure their tree stands are safe.

They want everyone to wear a harness.

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