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Pan-seared KC Strip with Spinach & Potatoes

Pan-seared KC Strip with Spinach & Potatoes

4 KC strips
Blended Oil for searing
Salt & pepper to taste

5 bunches of baby spinach leaves
5 cloves garlic diced
Blended oil for sauté
Salt & pepper to taste

2 pounds small new red potatoes
Water to boil
Salt for boiling water
Oil for searing potatoes
Salt & pepper to taste

On high, high heat, sear steak until desired doneness. Hold for service.

In same sauté pan, sauté spinach on high heat with blended oil & season with S & P.

Using the same sauté pan on high heat, begin to crisp the already boiled new red potatoes until golden brown and crispy. Season w/ salt & pepper to taste.

For plating, using a timbale ring. Position spinach in center of plate then remove ring. Place KC strip on the bed of spinach. Then place a pile of crispy new red potatoes of to the side. Enjoy...

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