Petition Calls for Audit of Country Club Village

Petition Calls for Audit of Country Club Village

Petition supporters say they have the signatures for a state audit
(COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE, Mo.)  It's been several months since controversy came up regarding the budget in Country Club Village.

But many residents still think there are problems, and they're asking for a state audit of the Village books.

Audit supporters say they've collected 240 names to have the state come in to look at how some tax monies are being spent. The question focuses on dollars collected from a state motor fuel tax and a village half cent sales tax.

"I only had a few people that said they wouldn't sign," said Roger Robbins, the former trustee for the village who has headed up the petition effort. "Everybody was, the first question was 'Where's our money going?'"

Robbins says the tax dollars should be focused only on road repair instead of put in the general budget.

Current village trustees we talked to say several months ago they went through an extensive legal review of village codes and ordinances and everything was being done legally.
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