Platte City Veteran Receives Life-Changing Gift

Platte City Veteran Receives Life-Changing Gift

A Platte City Veteran received a gift that she will never forget.
(DEABORN, Mo.) A veteran's life changed forever when she received a pair of keys.

The Cinmar Family Foundation, the Dearborn family who won the Mega Powerball Lottery last year, partnered with Cars for Heroes and helped Jennifer Baxter with a new car.

"I am just completely overwhelmed. I never imagined something like this would happen to me. The organization, they're just a God-send. The Hill family, they're super special people to do something like this for a complete stranger," said Baxter.

The foundation is the family's way to pay it forward, and they have a tie to the military.

Their son, Jason Hill, is a veteran.

"As a fellow veteran, I think it's important to come out here and take the opportunity to pay my respect to another veteran in need," said Hill.

Baxter served in the Air Force for 14 years. Her career was cut short due to several injuries, which left her drained emotionally and financially.

She sold her car to make money, but had to find ways to make it to doctor's appointments.

"I was always able to take care of myself, but just because of the medical issues and everything, unfortunately my life took a turn," said Hill.

On September 11, her life took another turn, but this time in the right direction.

She received a call from Cars for Heroes; a call that would change her life.

"It's real tough to go from a military structure to civilian life, and if you don't have a car, it's almost impossible to get your life started again. So, we're just helping her out a little bit to get her started, and I'm sure she'll be a success story later down in the road," said Terry Frantz.

Cars for Heroes said it is rewarding to give back.  The organization gives away about 300 donated cars a year.
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