Police, Alliance Team Up for Drug Take Back

Police, Alliance Team Up for Drug Take Back

St. Joseph Youth Alliance and local officers partnered to collect prescribed pills to stop people from abusing them.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The St. Joseph Youth Alliance partnered with local police for National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.

They collected old and unused prescribed medicine to prevent people from abusing them.

"This is an opportunity for the community to learn about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. And, give them an opportunity to get those unwanted unneeded medications out of their homes, and dispose of them safely so we're not damaging out environment," said Robin Hammond.

According to one recent survey, more than six million Americans abuse prescription drugs.

Many of them teenagers or younger.

"We have seen over the years, some middle school-aged kids that like to experiment with it. It also becomes an issue where college-age students kind of battle with prescription drug use," said Hammond.

Police offers say this is the beginning of putting an end to the misuse of prescribed medication.

"It's gonna get burned in an incinerator so it doesn't end up in the landfill, it doesn't end up in the water supply, and more importantly, it doesn't end up with our kids," said Sgt. Larry Stobbs.

The event allowed people to drive up, and drop off their unwanted pills.

"We dump all the pills off in the little boxes. We've got volunteers that peel the labels off of the pill bottles, and those get cleaned, sterilized and reused down at the public health board," said Sgt. Stobbs.

Volunteers said, although the day was about collecting and recycling prescribed drugs, they hope people realize how dangerous it is to abuse prescriptions.

"It's very important that we educate parents that they need to talk to their kids about the dangers of prescriptions," said Hammond.
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