Police Cracking Down on Underage Drinking

Police Cracking Down on Underage Drinking

A party that was busted last weekend ended up in 20 teenagers getting summons for illegal activities.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) An underage party that was busted last week by police is having some lasting effects.

Police say a house party on the 3100 block of Duncan Street on Friday netted 20 citations for teenagers.

Nine party-goers were summoned with minor-in-possession charges for consuming alcohol.

Six others were referred to juvenile court for drinking underage.

A woman in her 50's was inside the residence at the time and was given a citation for hosting the underage party.

Some of the kids at the party were members of the Central High School football team. Those members were suspended for the team's post-season loss at Staley.

"It's unfortunate in this circumstance that you're in a state playoff situation with an opportunity to move on," District Athletic Director Doug Flowers said.

The school district has a strict no tolerance policy when it comes to the abuse of illegal substances.

A girl at the party was cited for possession of marijuana as well.

The St. Joseph Police Department has been working to stop underage drinking.

Sergeant Jennifer Protzman said some teens and adults do not understand the dangers of underage drinking.

"A lot of the situations we see started with somebody that started drinking not thinking it was any big deal," Protzman said. "Before you know it they were in a situation that got out of control.

The juveniles at the party will be expected in juvenile court, while others have court dates in December.
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