Police Urge Caution When Discarding Christmas Boxes

Police Urge Caution When Discarding Christmas Boxes

With Christmas clean-up in full force, Police want to remind people not to advertise their new Christmas gifts by visibly setting them out on the curb on trash day.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) With snow melting and Christmas lights coming down, the Christmas season is coming to an end. With that comes extra trash.

Police are warning people to be careful about what they set on their curb, so it doesn't entice burglars.

The St. Joseph Police Department has had 41 burglary calls since December 1. They suggest not advertising Christmas gifts curbside to avoid more of those calls.

"Use good quality trash bags that are thick that you can't actually see through the plastic and see what the items are that are inside the bag," Captain Jeff Wilson said.

Henry Dicks lives in St. Joseph and spent the day clearing ice from his daughter's sidewalk and taking out her trash.

"It's never a good idea to invite trouble into your home, especially when there is little ones," Dicks said. He has two grandchildren.

Dicks made sure to hide anything that could attract a would-be home invader.

"Me myself, I use 39 gallon trash bags because they hold more," Dicks said.

Both Dicks and Wilson agree that it is important to be vigilant and use common sense to protect against burglaries this time of year.
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