Postal Workers Trek Through Snow to Deliver Mail

Postal Workers Trek Through Snow to Deliver Mail

Despite nearly 7 inches of snow and single digit temperatures, mail carriers braved the conditions to deliver mail during the busy Christmas rush.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) For mail carrier Lonnie Seward, it's another day at the office.

Monday, he hit the road to deliver mail with a heap of fresh snow on the ground and a bite in the air.

"If you're not in halfway decent shape it will wear you out fast," Seward said as he made his way through nearly 7 inches of snow.

Rain, snow or shine, Seward walks his eight-hour route to deliver the mail. Weather is can add an extra challenge this time of year.

"It's really tough especially going up steps and driveways and stuff like that," he said.

Some on his route shoveled their sidewalk and porch, while others did not, making it even more difficult.

"We really love to death the people that shovel their yard and take care of them," he said. "Makes our job easier."

Richard Watkins, with the United States Postal Service's corporate office, urges people to clear ice and snow for the safety of those delivering mail.

"If it's too dangerous we just don't deliver it," Seward said.

Seward worked in Alaska as a mail carrier in the 1990s, so he has seen worse. He said the biggest difference there is that the snow sticks around much longer.
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