Ravens Enrollment Continues to Soar

Ravens Enrollment Continues to Soar

President Minnis said that while enrollment has decreased by 2.6% nationwide, Benedictine College's enrollment has increased by 5%.
(ATCHISON, Ks.) Erin Hunnighake is starting her senior year at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.

"There's students everywhere, you see the beanies, the cafe is full, everyone is really excited, everyone's glad to be back and back with their friends," said Hunninghake.

This year B.C. is welcoming their largest incoming freshmen class in history with 490 students, and more than 1,700 undergrads. Benedictine's President Steve Minnis says the growth reflects the college's mission.

"When you're a mission driven place everything that you're trying to do is consistent with that mission, educate our young people, within a community of faith and scholarship. I think our young people then are attracted to something like that, attracted to authentic places, and they see a place like Benedictine college is an authentic place," said President Minnis.

President Minnis said that while enrollment has decreased by 2.6% nationwide, B.C.'s enrollment has increased by 5%. He says missions and traditions have kept the college growing, one being the beanie.

"B.C. Is actually the only university that still has the beanie tradition, and it's because B.C. Is about tradition, community, and family, and carrying on those types of things. And, they just want to continue to build that community. So things like a beanie might sound weird, but it really does help build community and make you feel a part of the raven family," said Hunninghake.

During the past 10 years, Benedictine's campus has transformed with new dorms, a new academic center and more work underway. The college also offers more than 150 majors.

"We continue to push ourselves, we have this motto: forward, always forward, everywhere forward, and so we'll continue to push ourselves forward to continue to do great things here at Benedictine College," said President Minnis.

And while the campus has a lot to offer, students say the people are important too.

"I chose B.C. for the people. I just knew that this place was going to help me become a better person and that the people here were the kind of people that I wanted to spend the next four years with, getting to know and grow with," said Hunninghake.

Under President Minnis' leadership, enrollment has increased 70-percent in the past 10 years. He says his vision is to build one of the greatest catholic colleges in the America.

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