Red Light Camera Ruling Affects Pending Tickets

Red Light Camera Ruling Affects Pending Tickets

The state's decision to suspend red light camera tickets may affect those that haven't paid their tickets yet.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) For the past eight months hundreds of people have been ticketed after getting caught by red light cameras in St. Joseph.

The St. Joseph Police Department has temporarily suspended giving these tickets after an eastern Missouri court ruled them unconstitutional.

Several of those ticketed over the past few months have argued their case in Municipal Court. According to a clerk at the courthouse, there are four outstanding trials of people currently challenging red light camera tickets. Those people and others are left wondering what to do next.

"They should request a hearing in Municipal Court," Judge John Boeh said. "Once the Supreme Court ruling is determined, then that makes a difference on how this is all carried out."

The Missouri Supreme Court will rule whether the law is in fact constitutional at a later date. Until then, those that have outstanding tickets must still take action.
Boeh recommends they come and see him and request a hearing.

"The danger that they have if they pay this's not to be reimbursed," Boeh said.

Whether these people will actually have to pay the fine will all depend on the Supreme Court's decision.
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